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Games in which a ball had to be knocked around a course of hoops with a mallet were popular in the seventeenth and eighteenth
century France.
Croquet became the sports craze of Victorian England.
The Nine Wicket
Croquet is naturally a less formal game than the six-wicket versions of the sport such as Association Croquet.

We are a club playing extreme nine wicket Croquet and Golf Croquet

We play on weekends, Saturday or Sunday

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The 5th Swiss Golf Croquet Mixed Doubles Open Championship will be held in Zurich on the weekend of 23rd – 24th June 2018


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The Croquet Club of Zurich

The members:  Hannibal, Sniper, Mr Nice Guy, Queen of Heart, Black Tiger, Jayhawk, Frog, Disaster, The Jackal, Dynamite, Chopper, Tank Engine, Dead Meat, Giggles, Uto, Smiley

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The Objectives of Nine Wicket Croquet
: it is a major challenge to pass your ball through two wickets simultaneously;
execute your elegant swing shots between wickets creating your perfect chances; apply your chip shots to move extra
quickly between the wickets;  achieve the status of poison and kill all remaining players to win the game.

The Objectives of Golf Croquet:
be the first player or team to push your balls through the wickets, one after the other;
execute your elegant swing shots for perfect positioning; be constantly aware of your opponents’ tactics;
be the first player or team to reach the agreed number of points to win the game.

Our active players: Ann, Bexie, Collin, Edith, Garry, Greg, Jack, Kathlyn, Rebecca, Seán, Steve, Willem

Our guest players: Our Brothers, Our Children, Our Dads, Our Friends, Our Mums, Our Sisters and You

1. Croquet Club Suedwest vs Croquet Club Zurich 10th and 11th May 2014 Photo 1  Photo 2

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