• Our trip to Ireland will take place on 20 + 21 April 2024.
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  • The first CCZ GC Handicap Championship tournament will take place on 4 + 5 May.
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  • The Swiss Tournament Calendar 2024 and the International Tournament Calendar 2024 are now available under Tournament Calendar.
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  • The Swiss Interclub Tournament 2023 was won by Daniel Studerus, Neil Thomas, Kevin Collins, Simone Huber and Andi Habel.
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  • Our trip to the country comparison 🇱🇻 Latvia - 🇨🇭 Switzerland took place from 14 July - 18 July 2022.
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Zurich Open Championship

On Saturday morning, 14 motivated players from Zurich and Sion met at Wahlenpark in Zurich.
We played the preliminary round in two groups on Saturday.
On Sunday, the quarter-finals, semi-finals and the final were played, as well as the plates with a plate final.
Peter Payne and Daniel Studerus contested the final for the tournament victory. Daniel Studerus won a thrilling match 6:7 7:5 7:6.
Once again, all the players had great fun in the beautiful sunshine.

Thanks to the Ok.


Swiss GC Championship 10.-11. Sep. 2022

22 players from Sion, Zurich and Geneva met on Saturday morning at the Cern site in Geneva. There they played a preliminary round in four groups. The top two of each group played in a knockout quarterfinal, semifinal and final on Sunday morning. In the platetournament 14 players played, with round of 16, quarterfinal, semifinal and final. In the Platefinal Volker Hermann (CCZ) and Andreas Habel (CCZ) faced each other. Andreas Habel won in a tight and exciting match 7:5. The final for the Swiss Champion was contested by Ian Saxton (CCC) and Daniel Studerus (CCZ). Ian Saxton (CCC) won 7-4, 7-6 in a tightly contested match.
All players had fun at the Swiss Championship held at the Cernareal.
Congratulations to all CCZ players for their super performances.

Neil Thomas

Latvia v Switzerland 16-17 July 2022

After a day in Riga, the Swiss team enjoyed the fantastic hospitality of the Latvian Croquet Federation, hosted by Ikšķiles Kroketa Klubs near Riga. The competition consisted of 2 groups with 5 players from each country: a Champions group with the best 5 players from each country and a Fun group with the next 5 best players. Each player in each group played 5 singles matches against their opponents in that group, for a total of 50 singles matches. Doubles teams were made up of one player from the Champions team and one player from the Fun team. Each doubles team played 5 matches, for a total of 25 doubles matches. The Latvian team showed the comprehensive quality of its 10 players and won the tournament with 51:24.
We really appreciated the friendly atmosphere in Latvia and would recommend other croquet players and teams to travel there as the croquet lawn is excellent and the new clubhouse is perfect. We were able to get to know the players over dinner. They are not only good players but also very humorous.
The trip was a great experience.

The Swiss team players were:
Daniel Studerus, Neil Thomas, Peter Payne, Volker Herrmann, Andre Imboden, Andreas Habel, Louis Salzgeber, Lucia Schweizer, Christoph Meyer, Edith Nemeth.


GC Handicap Championship

On Saturday morning, 12 players showed up at Wahlenpark in Oerlikon. With a new tournament mode to last year was played in a preliminary round, quarterfinals, semifinals, finals and for places. The games were very competitive, with close results. In the evening we ended the day with a spaghetti dinner. It was a great event again. Thanks to the Ok.

If you are interested, contact or visit us and play.

Our game operation is limited seasonally to the beginning of April until the end of September.

  • Thursdays from about 2 pm until dusk is Guest dayon the Josefswiese
  • Saturday or Sunday we play golf croquet at Wahlenpark in Oerlikon

Visiting croquet players from clubs and organizations around the world are invited to join us during their stay in Zurich.

The results of the tournaments at a glance